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At Mark's Family Legacy we understand that everyone’s life is unique to them. Everyone’s family is different and special. That’s why we have created an online legacy Our Individual website provides an online and mobile app for the easy and secure management of your life story and your messages with amazing distribution capabilities for the future delivery of personalised messages. You decide when, where and with whom your messages and other data will be shared.

How it works

Mark's family Legacy, is where you can build your Legacy.Where you can share your stories and your feelings. Keep them private or share it with the world. This is a space so you can be proud of your family Link to your friends and family. In your network Sending healing prayers around the world Making your wishes come true

Work from your heart Sending messages into the future leaving your Legacy on Earth For generations to come With love   

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This site is dedicated in loving memory of Mark Haywood.

Mark's family Legacy is the brainchild of Stephen Haywood.

Stephen had the idea after losing his son Mark, At the age of 21.

He wanted to give everyone the ability to leave a legacy to their family long after they passed away.

Leaving messages on the earthly realm. With the help of my son , you can leave a memory on Earth.


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Future Calendar 

Messages of thanks, love and Joy that have been posted in the past , scheduled for the future