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What Personal data we collect and process.

The data we collect is used for account creation and to enable you to login and use the site and the products and services we offer. This data is your name, email, date of Birth (used to verify you are over 16 – see out terms and conditions)

We process this data only for the sole purpose of using the site, products and services. We do not share or sell any of your personal data to any third party unless legally obliged to do so.We may share user posts to social media.


We use anonymous analytical data to improve the operation of the site , products and services. No personal identifiable information is used in these analytics.


Updating or Requesting, removal and deletion of your personal data.


It is your responsibility to ensure that Your personal data is accurate and up to date. You can update your personal information in your account profile.

You can export your personal data such as your name, email etc is your account.

You can delete your all your data such as posts, personal information in your account. By doing so we are not able to recover that data.

You may update and delete individual posts in the site.

If you have any questions or issues regarding your personal data please contact us


User posts/ engaging in the public and private areas

By posting on the site – your name will be visible to other users and visitors of the site. You and other users may comment and share your posts to social media.


Contacting you / marketing

We do not use your contact details such as email to contact you or sending marketing material except when necessary regarding your account , when you contact us or when we need to inform you of any changes in our policies such as terms and conditions or updates to the running of the site, products or services, or when facing issues that may affect you or access to the site.



Where your data is stored

Your data is stored on private dedicated servers exclusively for the users of Marks Family Legacy and secured with ssl encryption.

Your data is backed up on a daily basis to help prevent against data loss.

The servers use multiple hard drives to prevent against data loss from hardware failure.

Whilst every effort is made to protect against data loss, we cannot be held responsible for loss of data.

Accessing your data

We do not access, share or modify your data unless specifically requested by you or are legally obliged to do so. We do however monitor user post and may remove any data or account not complaint with our terms and conditions. We may also share user posts to social media