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How it all began

Going back in time I was brought up in a mining family, I had four children. Hazel,Richard and Mark and one child was a miscarriage , I love them all the same. As a small child Mark was a cheeky one. If he could getaway with things he would do,always smiling, always trying to make you laugh. I know then we didn’t have a lot of money at the time but we valued climbing trees and being outside in the countryside. We go through life thinking our kids are going to outlive us but not Mark, at the age of 21 he passed away due to an accident.

As I went through the saddest time of my life over 250 people of his friends turned up at his Funeral and I know he cared for every single one, I can honestly say I’m proud of my kids. Two years went by and I woke up one morning and I thought of the idea! What if you can leave a legacy on Earth to you and your family to talk about the people you hold dear in your heart in the past and in the present and even after we have gone, sending messages into the future about all the things that matter to us in this life.Family and friendship, companionship of an animal, any pictures you put in our mind. Yes I’m saying we should value the time we have together. I know we live a busy lifestyles but if I could have the time again I would, Value every second with mark. I hope ( Marks Family Legacy ) will give you a second to share your feelings and your emotions of Joy and celebration within your life. I know as a family-run site. Marks family Legacy will Value each and everyone of you. And together we can reach around the world within our lifetime.With love . Mark and Stephen xxx

PS , Please make your mark on the Earth

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